Portable High-Fidelity Endovascular Flow System

SiM Core

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Simplified for travel, fit for training - SiM Core is designed to replicate aortic and thoracic pathologies for the replication of endovascular procedures. While the system maintains an equally optimized tactile feedback delivered by Replicator PRO, it is also simplified in its design to be more quickly accessible and convenient to operators with custom configurations for EVAR, TEVAR, and more.

With full system set-up within 5-10 minutes, SiM Core ensures an easily repeatable and reliable resource for:
  • Device development
  • Pre-clinical trial training
  • Demonstrations
  • Events
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Limitless Versatility

Configure a variety of endovascular silicone vessels to the system with quick set-up and replacement.

Realistic Representation

SiM Core's human-like functioning allows for a high fidelity device performance at any event.

Highly Portable

Built to support professionals anywhere with the ability to easily swap vascular modules for various cases.

Angiography Compatible

Fully compatible under angiography with no image artifacts (metal-free system).

Modular vessels for case variety

Your system can be customized with many standard or diseased anatomies. It can also be further configured to include only an abdominal section.

  • Full system set-up within 5-10 minutes, including vessel replacements
  • A powder version of Replicator fluid is included for easy travel
  • Portable travel case with a convenient carrying tray and handle
  • Flexible access with multiple femoral access points
Physiologically Relevant System

Physiologically Relevant System

Physiologically relevant system powered by a pump, built-in heater, and reservoir.



Swap out pre-configured thoracic and abdominal sections for a variety of case scenarios.

Adjustable Heart Rate

Adjustable Heart Rate

Adjustable heart rate with rapid pacing technology.

Add a radial access extension

As radial access is common in neurovascular procedures, SiM Neuro ensures radial applications with the ability to add an arm extension. The SiM Radial Access add-on is quickly configured and provides matched replication of radial access procedures.

Radial access extension
It took us about 20 minutes to train someone as opposed to 2 days.
Global Head of Training and Education

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