Portable Silicone Vessels for Device Demonstration

SiMplicity Models

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SiMplicity models are made up of custom neurovascular vessels configured to support plates. These support plates allow for the models to be readily available as needed, wherever you may be.

Beyond its lightweight, portable design, SiMplicity proves to add a powerful visual experience to sales training and device demonstrations through its high-fidelity silicone vessels. These vessels exhibit matched dimensions and feedback to those of real vessels.



simplicity models



Portable, pocket-sized replication on the go

  • User-friendly platforms to train your teams in less time, with less costs incurred
  • Portable and pocket-sized for powerful sales demos
  • Custom neurovascular vessels
  • Custom plates with your branding for lasting impressions


User-friendly & Economical Training Tool

User-friendly & Economical Training Tool

SiMplicity allows users to train employees in less time. They are user-friendly platforms that help users understand the anatomy and device within true anatomical dimensions and representation.

Custom Vasculature

Custom Vasculature

SiMplicity is customized to any device, and to any vessel specifications for a most relevant demonstrative and visual platform.

  • Custom neurovascular vessels

Powerful Sales Demonstrations

Powerful Sales Demonstrations

These models are designed to be portable and pocket-sized for ready use, making them a great resource for quick sales demos. 

  • Engage users with a powerful visual experience for your device

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Leave a memorable, lasting impression during key demonstrations with sleek, lightweight models customized to your very own brand. 

  • Customize your plate logo and color

Create Custom Models

Step 1: Choose your vessels

Choose from our library of standard neurovascular vessels or submit your own patient scans. Vessel properties can be modified further according to your needs.

Each vessel is printed, configured to a plate with the corresponding model number, and then further labeled with the vessel specifications on the back of the plate.


Step 2: Customize your plate

Change the color of your plate to suit your branding and add your own logo. A customized plate can increase the likelihood of product recall for your device within potential prospects.


Step 3: Get ready to demonstrate like never before

Train your team on devices and marvel at the shorter learning curves. Then, replicate consistent and powerful demonstrations wherever you go.

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