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Simulation solutions for Image-guided Interventional Therapies (IGIT)

Improve clinical workflow and procedural efficiency

We help Healthcare Professionals and MedTech industry leaders to innovate best practice within IGIT - by facilitating procedural and device adoption, knowledge transfer, building relationships and focusing on continuous improvement

Healthcare Professionals

Implement planning, procedural and device adoption programs, increase proficiency, efficiency, staff satisfaction, innovation, and technique adoption through simulation.

MedTech Industry

Ensure safe use of products, provide effective and engaging tools for training, planning and promotion whilst build long-term relationships with healthcare professionals.

Angio Suite & Robotics

Position a Virtual Patient or Physical flow models on the operating table for all patient replication opportunities to reduce the dependency on real patients and increase rehearsal, learning, development and innovation capabilities.

10/10 of the world's leading Health Systems and the world's leading MedTech Industry trust and continue to invest in innovation and excellence programs with Mentice solutions. Here are some of our key partners.

Inspiration & case studies

Discover inspirational stories of how physicians have changed the way they learn, to the MedTech industry, and how they have improved go-to market activities, RnD initiatives and become a solutions partner to their customers.

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