Physical Replication of the True Tactile Feedback of Endovascular Devices

Cardiac & Vascular Flow Systems

Experience endovascular devices as they truly perform under realistically replicated hemodynamics

Developed from a team of engineers, physicians, and hemodynamic experts, these simulators are designed to be as human-like as possible as they replicate the physiological functions of the human body.

Hands-on Training

Experience a device under the replication of the human body's vasculature and flow.

Universal Platform

Made for a variety of endovascular specialities, devices, and more, with an ever-growing library.

Clinically Relevant

Built with silicone endovascular anatomies and true physiological flow pumps.

Replicator PRO™

An advanced endovascular replication system that physically simulates valvular, vascular, and neurovascular disease states with matched physiological flows

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ReplicatorPro Rendering - Body


SiM Core

Portable flow system with custom configurations for EVAR, TEVAR, and more

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SiM Radial Access

Transradial access for flow systems

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Flow System Accessories

Replicating blood, thrombus, and the neurovascular environment for flow systems

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Manipulate and Customize

Alter flow rates and customize anatomies from patient-specific scans.

Collect Essential Data

Carry out life-like imaging and collect reliable data for devices and procedures under angiography.

True Device Representation

Demonstrate your device or procedure at key events with flawless precision.


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