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Mentice Expands Coronary Intervention Portfolio with Advanced Software

Coronary Advanced to Help Fellows and Attending Interventional Cardiologists to Perfect Skills in Complex Scenarios

May 21, 2020

Coronary Advanced to Help Fellows and Attending Interventional Cardiologists to Perfect Skills in Complex Scenarios

Gothenburg, Sweden

Mentice AB (STO: MNTC), a world leader in high-fidelity endovascular simulation introduces Coronary Advanced for select VIST® platforms.  Following the introduction of Coronary Essentials and Coronary Intermediate, Coronary Advanced is the most sophisticated solution, specifically designed for advanced fellows and attending IC’s.   

The solution was designed to take full advantage of the premium version of Mentice’s seventh generation VIST® platform, the VIST® G7+. This new platform brings simulation to the next level of realism by enabling simultaneous manipulation of multiple devices to support realistic treatment of bifurcation lesions and other dual-device techniques. 

“Coronary bifurcations represent some of the most challenging lesions for interventional cardiologists. The lesions are most likely complex and the different solutions for bifurcation stenting are often technically demanding with patients facing high risk of complications if interventions are sub-optimally performed,” said Dr. Jens Flensted Lassen, Professor at Odense University Hospital (DK). “The operator is central to obtaining the best possible technical stenting solution for the patient with training, development, and proficiency of procedural skills being mandatory for all operators. It is highly recommended that all operators treating bifurcations in the coronary tree integrate high-fidelity endovascular simulation such as the VIST® G7+ platform into their practice allowing them to mimic real-life scenarios in bifurcation stenting and enabling them to explore technical issues while applying tips and tricks they have accumulated over years of practice," Dr. Lassen continued.

Coronary Advanced offers the following capabilities:

  • Leverages the VIST® G7+ platform supporting simultaneous control of devices
  • Includes step-by-step expert guidance based on EBC recommendations for bifurcation stenting
  • Supports a variety of techniques involved in bifurcation stenting such as kissing-balloon, wire jailing, POT, T-Stenting, TAP, Culotte, and DK-Crush
  • Supports subintimal and retrograde techniques for treating challenging CTOs
  • Offers advanced metrics and benchmarking to optimize training and identifying areas of improvement
  • Includes iPad proctor app for customizing scenarios and remotely triggering complications in real-time during the intervention

Coronary Advanced takes cardiology skills training to the next level, offering a solution for exploring complications and new techniques to experienced fellows and attending physicians,” said Edward Fält, Vice President of Products, Mentice. “Interventional cardiologists now have access to a solution that provides a life-like environment helping them train, develop new skills, and retain proficiency for some of the most challenging situations. And with the ability to use Coronary Advanced on the G7+ platform, treatment of complex bifurcation lesions in a simulated environment is now more realistic than ever.”

To learn more about the Coronary Advanced software solution, Mentice will hold an online webinar on May 28th at 15:00 Central European Time with Dominic Steffel, Senior Product Manager, Mentice, joined by co-host Dr. Jens Flensted Lassen, Professor at Odense University Hospital (DK) presenting the unique software capabilities. Please pre-register at -


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