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Fellows in interventional cardiology, who already possess elementary skills in angiography and angioplasty, will find Mentice Coronary Intermediate an invaluable tool for further development.

The software guides the user through critical steps of treating Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO). Successful interventions do not only require interventionalists to be proficient in every step of the intervention, but also to know when to use which technique and taking appropriate and critical decisions during challenging procedures.

Designed by clinical experts, the case selection builds up the user’s proficiency in handling a variety of case scenarios of different difficulty. To maximize user interaction, each scenario can be modified in real time via the Mentice Proctor app to achieve limitless flexibility as well as to trigger live complications.


Key Benefits

  • Prepare the cath lab team for challenging situations without risk to patients
  • Enhance decision-making processes to address complications with confidence
  • Improve interpretation and familiarize user with intravascular imaging
  • Reduce proctoring time by incorporating built-in expert guidance for self-learning
  • Track individual progress and compare outcomes against expert benchmarks
  • Acquire good understanding of 3D anatomical structures with interactive visual aids


Case Layout

  • 8 interactive cases in total
  • 4 PCI cases including 1 CABG
  • 2 scenario-based AMI cases
  • 2 CTO cases





[fa icon="plus-square"] Features and Functionalities
  • Intravascular imaging (IVUS and OCT) for lesion assessment
  • Physiology assessment using FFR and iFR
  • Stent flaring for ostial lesions
  • Visual aid for finding perpendicular view of coronary ostium
  • Specialty devices including scoring balloons and atherectomy devices
  • Challenging AMI scenarios
  • CTO scenarios requiring different treatment strategies
  • CABG cases
  • Companion proctor app for iPad to trigger real-time complications
  • Built-in expert step-by-step guidance
  • Advanced built-in benchmarking system
[fa icon="plus-square"] Training Objectives
  • Decide and execute treatment strategy for Multivessel Disease (MVD)
  • Mitigate and manage intra-procedural complications
  • Use and interpret intravascular imaging to support decision making in treating complex lesions
  • Adapt to changing situations and appropriately use special devices and techniques
  • Use physiological measurements to investigate lesions
  • Safely perform angioplasty in ostial lesions
  • Manage challenging AMI scenarios of increasing difficulty
  • Identify and treat CTO lesions 
  • Safely perform PCI in patient with CABG using appropriate devices and techniques