Advanced Endovascular Physiological Flow System

Replicator PRO

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Replicator PRO™ is an advanced endovascular replication system that physically simulates valvular, vascular, and neurovascular disease states with matched physiological flows.

With flow powered by a realistically beating 3D heart, the entire model delivers a life-like hemodynamic performance across a broad range of blood pressures, heart rates, and cardiac outputs that can be manipulated via the Replicator app.

This yields a versatile patient model that is experienced with true tactile feedback when utilizing endovascular devices. With this insight, the capabilities are limitless.

  • Advances medical device research and development
  • Accelerates the operator learning curve
  • Hones surgical skills and competency
  • Improves patient outcomes
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Limitless Versatility

Highly modular system for a broad range of endovascular applications.

Realistic Representation

Replicator PRO's human-like functioning allows for a high fidelity device performance at any event.

Manipulate and Customize

Alter flow rates and customize anatomies from patient-specific scans.

Angiography Compatible

Fully compatible under angiography with no image artifacts (metal-free system).

Advanced physical replication set

Used in clinical training and research for aortic, cardiac, vascular, and neurovascular disease states.

  • Train in less time, with more confidence
  • Develop with more accuracy and reliability

Replicator PRO System

The Replicator PRO flow system is what powers and supports consistent and reliable results each and every time.

Silicone Vasculature

Silicone Vasculature

High-performance silicone vasculature with advanced, life-like feedback allows you to perform minimally invasive procedures including EVAR, TEVAR, TAVR, FEVAR, and more. The system allows you to easily switch between procedures with quick configuration of silicone vasculature. 

Structural Heart

Structural Heart

The system includes an anatomically accurate 4-chamber heart with replaceable valves. The 3D silicone model imitates a beating heart that powers the flow of the system through the anatomy. This flow is further manipulated to provide unique case scenarios for any goal.

Multiple Access Points

Multiple Access Points

Includes femoral, transapical, radial, axillary, and carotid entry points.

Angiography Compatible

Angiography Compatible

Record your sessions with PRO under angiography for later insights. The system produces clear imagery free of artifact and provides a means for users to look back and learn as well as demonstrate and teach. 

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity

Change the heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output with the Replicator PRO app. Fit for a variety of case scenarios to output any physiological behavior that is relevant to your goals.

You can get a very good idea of what the device feels like as you push it through tortuous anatomy and the resistance you feel as you deploy the device.
Clinical Trainer
I feel much more confident in relaying to the physicians exactly what each step feels like.
Clinical Trainer

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