Transradial Access for Flow Systems

SiM Radial Access

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Realistic and repeatable access

With SiM Radial Access, trainers, physicians, and engineers have a specialized tool to create a realistic testing and training platform for radial procedures.

SiM Radial Access will allow you to simulate radial procedures quickly and easily for the most realistic tactile feedback and under full angiographic visibility.

  • 9F radial access compatible with all common radial devices
  • Quick disconnect and bleed port for easy set-up and break-down
  • Lightweight support terrain with replaceable vessels
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Quickly connect the radial access arm to your Replicator PRO, SiM Neuro or SiM Core flow system.


Seamlessly enter the radial artery and navigate through the vessel.

Patient Specific

Replicate the radial procedure with an anatomically-accurate vessel generated from a patient scan.


Optimize your learnings under fluoroscopy with clear angiographic visibility.

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