VIST® Handle 1

Wireless handle optimized for TAVI, EVAR, and TEVAR procedural training

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Complex interventional procedures such as TAVI, EVAR, and TEVAR use advanced delivery systems for the deployment of sophisticated medical devices. With such complex procedures comes the need for advanced simulation training to become familiar with handle functionality, movements, and rotations.

The VIST® Handle 1, combined with our clinical modules for TAVI, EVAR, and TEVAR, enables you to train the deployment of stent grafts and heart valves.

We have taken the most common features of delivery systems to bring you a generic device which is ergonomic and durable. With built-in sensors, the VIST® Handle 1 comes with wireless functionality to provide you with the expected look and feel of a real delivery system.

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Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Developed using the most common features of market-leading delivery systems
    • High-quality & durable
    • Easy to use through built-in sensors & wireless capability
    • Train TAVI, EVAR, and TEVAR in a simulated environment
  • Features & Functionalities

    • Luer-lock connector to mount 16F sheath/dilator* or 8F catheter
    • Rotational components for sheath retraction and flexion
    • Programmable button e.g. for top-cap release
    • .035" over-the-wire system
    • Ability to use 2 handles per system
    • Wireless functionality via Bluetooth
    • Charging via Micro USB
    • LED indicator for connection and battery status
  • Technical Data

    • VIST® Handle 1

John Smith

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TEE Training Challenges & Solutions - Expert Talk

Co-hosted with Jens Schneider, Echocardiography Expert at the University Heart Center Freiburg, and owner of Ultraschallkurse, a training company specializing in echocardiography.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of echocardiography trends
  • Specific issues releated to TEE
  • TEE training challenges and solutions
  • Introduction to the Mentice VIST® One TEE




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