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Coronary Advanced

Building proficiency in complex coronary interventions

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Coronary Advanced is the third and most innovative product in the new comprehensive coronary intervention training platform. This software assumes familiarity within the basics of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), as well as PCI for Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and Chronical Total Occlusion (CTO) from both Coronary Essentials and Intermediate.

In 15-20% of all PCI’s, coronary bifurcations are involved. These lesions remain one of the most challenging situations in interventional cardiology. The European Bifurcation Club (EBC), one of the most respected bodies in this field, continuously issue recommendations for the treatment of bifurcation lesions. Coronary Advanced is unique in the market as it is based on these recommendations and guides the user step-by-step through different cases to understand and select the optimal treatment and to perfect technical skills in these highly complex procedures.

Furthermore, Coronary Advanced prepares interventional cardiologists and their teams for the growing number of high-risk patients and challenging procedures, not only in bifurcation lesions but also in technically and cognitively complex PCIs for STEMI (ST-elevation myocardial infarction) and CTOs - ensuring operators are proficient and confident before facing these critical and lifesaving situations in real life.

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Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Unique and highly realistic platform to train on strategic and technical aspects of bifurcation stenting
    • Only simulation training available on the market offering full and simultaneous control of two wires, balloons or stents
    • Included expert step-by-step guidance for relevant variety of bifurcation stenting techniques
    • Develops trainee’s understanding of effective crossing strategy changes in complex CTO-PCI to increase procedural success
    • Teaches life-saving clinical decision-making and facilitates teamwork in the most advanced acute scenarios (e.g. Emergency PCI of LM-Bifurcation)
  • Features & Functionalities

    • Treatment of bifurcation lesions using dual wire/balloon manipulation
    • Variety of bifurcation stenting techniques such as Provisional SB Stenting, T-Stenting and Protrusion (TAP), Culotte, DK-crush
    • Built-in expert step-by-step guidance
    • Intravascular imaging (IVUS and OCT) for lesion assessment
    • Physiology assessment using FFR and iFR
    • Challenging AMI scenarios incl. LM
    • Subintimal and retrograde CTO scenarios
    • Companion proctor app for iPad to customize scenarios and trigger real-time complications
  • Training Objectives

    • Choose the optimal bifurcation stenting technique for different anatomical situations according to recommendations of the European Bifurcation Club (EBC).
    • Master the steps of a vast variety of bifurcation stenting techniques in a safe and learning-enhanced environment.
    • Effectively change crossing strategy and technique in complex CTO-PCI
    • Manage STEMI patients with LM thrombus involving bifurcation
    • Learn how to perform PCI in a time-critical high-risk AMI
  • Case Layout

    10 interactive cases
    • 4 bifurcation lesion cases
    • 1 scenario-based AMI case involving LM bifurcation
    • 3 PCI cases
    • 2 CTO cases


Dr. Kwan Lee

University Chief of Clinical Cardiology

University of Arizona College of Medicine



The ability to remotely introduce complications in real-time while trainees are performing a procedure on the Mentice simulator tremendously enhances the learning experience and brings simulation even closer to reality.



Image Library

Bifurcation Stenting

Bifurcation Stenting

Support for a variety of bifurcation stenting techniques.


Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Independent learning using built-in expert step-by-step guidance.

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Dual Wire/Balloon/Stent

Only simulation training allowing full and simultaneous control of two wires/balloons/stents at all time.



Get proficient in challenging CTO scenarios including subintimal and retrograde techniques.


Complex PCI

Manage complex LM and MVD cases.

iPad Proctor

iPad Proctor

Customize scenarios and trigger complications in real-time via iPad companion app.


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