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Renal Intervention

Hands-on training for renal angioplasty

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Mentice Renal Intervention is designed for training of renal angiography, angioplasty and stenting. A variety of lesion locations, anatomical variations and other learning challenges are presented. Practice with this module will improve the learner’s understanding of therapeutic treatment options in patients with hemodynamically significant renal artery disease. The entire training procedure is performed in a learner focused and risk-free environment, using real clinical devices.

Renal revascularization is mostly requested to investigate renal artery stenosis, flush pulmonary edema and rapidly decreasing renal function. Renal artery angioplasty and stenting is a complex procedure—this module focuses on teaching fundamental techniques to junior fellows. Experience in all aspects of peripheral angioplasty and a familiarity with interventional devices and associated techniques is important. The module features a variety of renal lesions, anatomies, and the possibility to practice alternative access for severely angulated renal takeoffs.

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Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Treatment planning based on patient scenarios
    • Teaching effective C-arm and fluoroscopy utilization
    • Acquisition of technical and manipulation skills
    • Understanding the procedure of renal intervention
    • Discuss troubleshooting and complications
  • Features & Functionalities

    • Complete clinical scenarios for patient-oriented learning
    • Ability to use real clinical devices for a realistic experience
    • Supports use of 0.035”, 0.018” and 0.014” systems
    • Realistic device behavior requiring appropriate device selection
    • Power injector with user definable volume and flow rate
    • Anatomical variations including challenging anatomies
    • Brachial or radial access training available
    • Medication to enhance procedural realism
    • Vital signs responsive to catheter manipulation and placement
    • Detailed metrics for assessment and debriefing
  • Training Objectives

    • Select appropriate devices and access site for anatomical challenges
    • Determine optimal view for interpretation, tool measurements and treatment
    • Perform rapid exchange and over-the-wire techniques
    • Learn safe manipulations of tools in the renal arteries
    • Safely navigate wire through lesion and establish stable position
    • Select appropriate PTA balloons and stents
    • Advance stent or balloon in a controlled way into the lesion
    • Manage challenging cases such as tight, long, ostial or tortuous lesions
    • Perform post treatment angiogram
  • Case Layout

    6 interactive cases


Dr. Kwan Lee

University Chief of Clinical Cardiology

University of Arizona College of Medicine



The ability to remotely introduce complications in real-time while trainees are performing a procedure on the Mentice simulator tremendously enhances the learning experience and brings simulation even closer to reality.



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