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Neurovascular Thrombectomy

Proficiency-based training & assessment of thrombectomy skills

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The Neurovascular Thrombectomy training software is developed for healthcare professionals who want to set up and offer best-in-class service and who no longer want to spend cath-lab time for training or risking patient outcome by training on real patients.

Mentice Neurovascular Thrombectomy applies state-of-the-art training methodology1 and validated2 performance metrics to provide a safe and effective training & assessment platform for improving, maintaining and assessing mechanical thrombectomy skills.

The module is intended for self-learning where the user is guided and given immediate feedback in the form of warnings at the fluoro screen throughout the procedure. The software also comes with an extended possibility to configure each case to adapt to specific training needs.

To support the proficiency-based training paradigm and the need for quality assessment, the module comes with a built-in benchmarking system that makes use of the wide range of performance metrics to set assessment levels alongside the learning path and to set common quality standards.

[1] Proficiency-based training method has been proven superior to standard training
[2] Developed together with NV experts and confirmed by an international panel of more than 20 international experts




Metric-based Simulation Helps Improve How Physicians Learn Mechanical Thrombectomy

Check out this recent study in Stroke journal (2018) that featured the VIST® physician-based simulator as a high-fidelity, quality-assured training tool for ischemic stroke thrombectomy.

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Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Effectively learn how to correctly, safely and efficiently perform neurovascular thrombectomy
    • Enforce best-practice3 procedural protocol at your EVT service
    • Set your own quality benchmark and make sure everyone  in the service complies to offer best in--class EVT for the patients
    • Unprecedented realism to train complex device handling skills such as tri-axial carotid access forming of reverse shaped catheters and tri-axial navigation in the cerebral arteries
    • Highly configurable for different training needs

    [3] Face and construct validity studies published confirming validity of procedural protocol and performance metrics used. Protocol and metrics have been developed together with leading experts in the field and validated by more than 20 international experts.

  • Features & Functionalities

    • Fully guided cases allowing self-learning/training and enforcing best practices
    • High-fidelity performance metrics enabling advanced benchmarking, assessment and proficiency-based training (more than 200 unique metric parameters over 10 phases and more than 35 steps)
    • Editable options to allow for the exercise-specific setting of parameters such as table orientation and c-arm joysticks, enabling or disabling of guidance and visual feedback, what part of the procedure to run and automatic selection of devices
    • High-fidelity device behavior  ensuring that complex maneuvers can be accurately trained and learned
  • Training Objectives

    • Safe access to left and right carotid arteries in a range of aortic arches and carotid take-offs
    • Safe and appropriate handling of multi-purpose and reverse shaped catheters during the access
    • Safe tri-axial access to and crossing of thrombus with a proper use of microwire, microcatheter and intermediate catheter
    • Safe and effective extraction of thrombus with stentriever, flow reversal and adjunctive aspiration
  • Case Layout

    9 interactive cases
    • Occlusions on both left and right side, MCA (M1)
    • 5 unique anatomies (Aortic arches type I, II, III, Bovine and type I-II), featuring challeng


Dr. Kwan Lee

University Chief of Clinical Cardiology

University of Arizona College of Medicine



The ability to remotely introduce complications in real-time while trainees are performing a procedure on the Mentice simulator tremendously enhances the learning experience and brings simulation even closer to reality.



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