A high-fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals

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The VIST® G5 is a portable high-fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals.

The latest generation of our endovascular simulators, the VIST® G5 has a modern design and stacks of technical improvements, bringing ease-of-use and simulation realism to the next level. 

The modules include a wide variety of training scenarios to challenge the learner’s technical skills, clinical decision-making abilities, and procedural proficiency.

VistG5_0157 VistG5_0160 VistG5_0161 VistG5_0095 VistG5_0089 VistG5_0085 VistG5_0087
Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Supports real clinical devices up to 24F
    • Plug and play setup - no calibration needed
    • VIST® Control Box for realistic manipulation of cath lab fluoroscopy and table controls
    • Advanced haptic feedback
  • Features & Functionalities

    • Portable - check-in on flights
    • Evidence-based validity – face, construct, and concurrent validity shown in published studies
    • High-fidelity simulation – optimal environment for proficiency-based training with advanced tactile and force feedback technology
    • Small footprint – can be placed anywhere
  • Technical Data

    • VIST® G5 Device
    • Laptop
    • 21.5” Full HD Monitor
    • VIST® Control Box
    • Foot Pedal
    • Syringe
    • Indeflator
    • Stent Release Handle
    • 2 Flight Cases
    • VIST® G5 Device (L115cm x W40cm x D15cm, 18kg)
    • Laptop, Monitor, and VIST® Control Box (L63cm x W50cm x D30cm, 22kg)
    • Power: 100-240V~
    • Recommended table size 150cm x 60cm
John Smith

Video Library



TEE Training Challenges & Solutions - Expert Talk

Co-hosted with Jens Schneider, Echocardiography Expert at the University Heart Center Freiburg, and owner of Ultraschallkurse, a training company specializing in echocardiography.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of echocardiography trends
  • Specific issues releated to TEE
  • TEE training challenges and solutions
  • Introduction to the Mentice VIST® One TEE




Webinar - TEE-1



VIST® One TEE full version
Full Length Product Video
VIST® One TEE Product Highlight
Product Highlight Video
Highly realistic images - VIST One TEE
Real-time ultrasound
Portability of VIST One TEE
Assessment of TEE skills
Skills Assessment
Realism of VIST One TEE
Realistic TEE probe

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