The Mentice VIST® G5 Simulator is a portable high-fidelity endovascular simulator enabling hands-on procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals.


The VIST® G5 is the latest generation of Mentice endovascular simulators. With a modern design and stacks of technical improvements, it brings ease-of-use and simulation realism to the next level.

The modules include a wide variety of training scenarios to challenge the learner’s technical skills, clinical decision-making abilities and procedural proficiency.

The VIST® G5 includes the VIST Control Box, providing new functionality and improved usability to all Mentice training modules.


Mentice VIST® G5 provides:

  • Evidence-based validity  face, construct and concurrent validity shown in published studies
  • High-fidelity simulation  optimal environment for proficiency-based training with advanced tactile and force feedback technology
  • Use of actual devices and equipment to enhance clinical realism  training with the same devices used in clinical practice
  • Realistic manipulation of Cath lab equipment with the VIST Control Box

The VIST® G5 is highly portable, and can be used in any training location:

  • Flexible and intuitive to set up and use
  • Small foot print — can be placed anywhere
  • Robust and light weight — possible to check-in on flights




[fa icon="plus-square"] Technical data

Technical data Features

  • Components
  • VIST® G5 Device
  • Laptop
  • 21.5” full HD Monitor
  • VIST Control Box


  • 100-240V~


  • Foot pedal
  • Syringe
  • Indeflator
  • Stent release handle


  • 2 flight cases
  • VIST® G5 Device 115 x 40 x 15cm, 15kg
  • Screen, Laptop and VIST Control Box 63 x 50 x 30cm, 20kg


  • Recommented table size 150 x 60cm
[fa icon="plus-square"] Features
  • Portable
  • Supports real clinical devices
  • Robust design
  • VIST Control Box for fluoroscopy and table controls
  • Plug and play setup
  • VIST G5
  • VIST G5
  • VIST G5
  • VIST G5
  • VIST G5
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