VIST® G7 and G7+

The high fidelity endovascular simulator for clinicians and medical professionals

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The VIST® G7 is the flagship and latest generation of endovascular simulators supporting all our software training modules. Using HapticRealism™ technology to bring you unmatched force range and accuracy, we’ve created the optimal environment for proficiency-based training, patient-specific simulation, and objective skills assessment.

Combining the VIST® G7 with the VIST® Virtual Patient integrated with leading angio systems goes one step further in providing the most realistic simulation for interventional procedures on the market.

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Features & Benefits

In its top configuration, the VIST® G7+ allows for simultaneous manipulation of up to five devices in parallel for advanced interventional techniques such as:

  • bifurcation stenting
  • balloon assisted coiling
  • buddy wires

HapticRealism™ Technology

HapticRealism™ Technology provides measurable, stronger, and more controllable force feedback giving users a more realistic experience to help them understand what resistance should feel like in different scenarios.


Self-Cleaning & Calibration

Automatic self-cleaning and calibration of sensors increases system reliability to keep maintenance to a minimum and eradicating downtime.


Mobile Connection Ready

Mobile connection ready provides remote servicing, updating, and tele-trianing capabilities.


Patented Bifurcation

Patented bifurcation in the VIST® G7+ makes it the only simulation platform allowing realistic training on complex procedures requiring dual device support such as bifurcation stenting, branching devices, balloon re-modelling (BRT) for neurovascular, buddy wires for peripheral, and fenestrated grafts (FEVAR) for aortic.


Compact & Robust Design

Compact and robust design gives the system a small footprint and makes it portable enough to set up anywhere and check-in on flights.

Technical Data

  • VIST® G7 or G7+ Device
  • Laptop with touch screen
  • 21.5” Full HD Monitor
  • VIST® Control Box
  • Foot Pedal
  • Syringe
  • Indeflator (2 for VIST G7+)
  • Stent release handle
  • 2 Flight Cases
  • Simulator box: 115x40x15 cm, 18 kg
  • Screen, Laptop and VIST Control Box: 63x50x30cm, 22 kg
  • Power: 100-240V~
  • Recommended table size 150x60 cm
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Dr. Khalid Barakat
This new G7+ platform with improved, measurable, and accurate haptics further increases the fidelity of scenarios and it is a much needed addition to our practice allowing us to simulate challenging bifurcation PCI cases.
Dr. Khalid Barakat
Consultant Cardiologis

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